Friday, March 14, 2014

March is Warming & Snow Melt Month

Well, we also fondly call it the Mud-Month.  When the snow melts and the sun shines, the frost comes out of the ground and makes our gravel roads mushy and squishy and ... in some spots, sink holes of mud.

At night it freezes into ruts.

And the process begins again the very next day.

This morning I took a quick trip down to the creek with Morris.  We'd gone late yesterday afternoon, but the run off hadn't begun by 5pm.  

Although the pastures had water running off from them.


I knew it wouldn't then, too many places where the water should run were clogged with ice and snow yet.  The woods was still knee deep in the white stuff.

The view above is from this morning's walk.  You can see the land.  Where the X is, is right above the creek.  You can see that the land is steep so it will take a lot to get the water running in the spot.

Being able to be present during the first 'run off' is pretty neat.  I hope to catch it this year as I have in years past.

It takes a lot of watching and guess work, but mostly luck to catch the first melt and flash flood.

I was able to take a photo this morning of the little falls that had started my 'Creek Project' back in November.

Today it looked like this:

And here was the same spot on November 6th:

Well, the weather people said it would be warm and windy today.  But the sun has gone behind clouds and the March winds are howling.

If it stays this overcast, the melt will hold off yet another few days.
Which would make me happy as I work for the next couple of days which are supposed to be rather cold.

Happy March Winds and Snow Melt!


Michaela said...

Thank you for paying me a visit at my blog and leaving a comment :) I missed being here too, reading all those wonderful blogs with fantastic stories and everyday reports from all over the world - it sure is a wonderful thing. I always loved your photography and still do! I haven't really done much photography over the past one and a half years, I even sold my canon lens last fall. I have been creative with my iPhone and posted regularly on my Facebook page and on Instagram, but of course, it is not the same quality. It's fun, but not the same. I hope spring and the planned move to a new place closer to work will inspire me to go out again more with a "real camera and lens". /Regards, Micky

Michaela said...

PS! Love Morris! :)

The Three Muleteers said...

Glad to see that Spring may be on the way for you folks, even if it does bring mud at least with it should be some spring grass and respite from the cold - eventually!