Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I learned at the Range

No that is not me now...that was me when I was about 3 or 4 yrs old!

But I thought it would be a fun photo to share while talking about what I learned yesterday at Range Practice.
First let me say that for my part time job, I am an armed security officer.  That is all you need to know.
I do like the job a lot.
Each year we need to qualify with our weapons and we need to put practice time in at the range with a shotgun and a glock.

I learned that all of my practice at 'taking' up the slack has really improved my shooting.  As long as I remember to do that with a proper grip.
I have to increase my shoulder and arm strength along with practicing racking with dummy shells for our heavy shotguns.

I learned that my 'inner' calm is good when I start out.  But the fatigue that set in with using the shotgun and the problems that caused effected how I was able to shoot the Glock later on.

Combine that with some frustrations at myself ... caused my shooting to become poorer in quality.
I also learned that the instructor I had [while his voice and manner do work me up inside] good.  He stood next to me and helped me with things when my brain became frazzled and fried.

What I also learned, is that I want to get better with these weapons so I can score higher.  I didn't walk away disgusted as I have in the past.  I left with thoughts of 
HOW can I improve?
HOW can I overcome my muscle fatigue?
How can I make parts of what I am doing become muscle memory so I don't have to think about doing ... but just do it.

So I now I have given myself a challenge.  Now I'll set up a plan and work on it.
After all, I've had some pretty tough challenges in the past.

In 2006 I had 6 weeks to recover from surgery and condition my mule for a 26 mile Endurance ride.  I faced that huge mountain and climbed it.

This shall be no different.

Thinking positive can only have positive results.  I've walked away before disgusted and defeated...not wanting anything more to do with what I'd experienced at the range.
Not so this time!

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