Thursday, October 03, 2013

Professional Photographer?

I've been asked now to do 3 weddings.  And I have done them as they were for people I really knew well and I was able to do 'things my way'.
Doing portraits of people have not been my 'thing' so to speak.
I don't have all the proper equipment [think speed lights, back drops, a studio].

I have done a photo - shoot for my neighbor when she wanted photos last year for Christmas cards and presents to all the grandparents.

But to go professional, I've been advised by a pro...  that you need to give up your free time, be available at the drop of a hat.
You must be willing to work all hours and put photography FIRST in your life and everything else second.

I comment on this today because I've seen 2 people that have 'gone pro' just recently.  I've looked for their portfolios and don't see any previous work.
It is like one day they are a housewife and the next day they get a camera...and go Pro.

I do like taking photos of my family and of the grandkids.  But that is on my time and with what I have.
My husband pushes at me to 'become a Pro' "You are good enough"  "You need to sell your work and promote it!"
That is not me.
I'm not a promoter.  
I'll do weddings in the future as a favor or work with another photographer and be their second.  
But I'm not going to dive into Pro-dom as I see so many people that pick up a DSLR do.

I do my nature and landscape photography for myself, because I enjoy it immensely.

Oh and if you do want to check out my artwork and other things, I do have a portfolio that can be browsed at Mulewings PhotoArt~ ... my Zenfolio account.
I have a few different types of photos there.  My Nature Gallery is the first thing you would see and then there is a Wedding Album, a Graphic Art Album, an Artsy Creations Album, and a Baby Album.

The money to be made in photography is not in nature photography but 'people' photography.

It just makes me scratch my head sometimes when people just buy a DSLR and suddenly decide that they are now professionals.

Granted, I have taken some absolutely award winning shots with my Ugly Pink Plastic Sanyo camera.
So you don't need the absolute best equipment to do great.
You need a good eye and lots of practice along with knowledge.

Me Pro?  No.  
But I'll continue to do things for fun and enjoy my photography.


The Dancing Donkey said...

You take wonderful photos and I don't blame you for not wanting to go pro. Trying to make a living off of something that you love usually just ends up spoiling it for yourself. Take the pictures that you want to take, nit the ones you have to take.

The Three Muleteers said...

You take wonderful pictures Val and I always think how professional they look! Sometimes though it's best to save what you enjoy as a hobby as just that, otherwise it soon becomes 'work' Either way, it's always wonderful for you to share the pictures with us - thank you!

Lori Skoog said...

Smart! Your work is outstanding and you love what you are doing.