Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Things

Now that cold weather has come and we are at that awkward stage of Fall...
where everything is rather dull looking and the cold winds blow...

I thought I'd go out looking for anything interesting that I could find.

What I did find is fungi.
Lots of it in the likely places.
And some not so very obvious.

The tiny puff balls where lined up like a little family on a rotting log.

These little fungi, were hiding in the fallen leaves.  They literally covered the forest floor in an 8 X 10 foot area.

Behind our garage was perhaps the most surprising place, bright orange fungi had these small little ones flourishing amongst them.

I found these ugly ones near the base of a tree.

And these on another log in the forest.

Funny how many different kinds of fungi there are.
And funny how easy they are to find once you begin to look.  [Providing there is enough moisture for them].

It is these little things that we often overlook and forget to see them as they are...part of nature's beauty.

When the fall winds turn cold and the forest looks drab and ugly, it is time to go out and look for the 'little things'.


The Dancing Donkey said...

Lovely photos, I like to look for the hidden things too.

The Three Muleteers said...

Great way of looking at this sometimes bleak time of year - there is beauty everywhere if you search :-)