Thursday, October 17, 2013

Home is a nice place....

Well, the trip is done and I am home.

Morris had a fantastic trip, he'll probably tell you all about his exciting adventures with his other human family later on this week.  All I know is that when he left John and Nancy's he was not only sad about it, but also very tired and happy.

One could never ask for better people to take care of my dog while I was on vacation.
They asked when they could have him again!

It seems that fall is upon us in full force!  Most of the trees and undergrowth have changed their colors and leaves have fallen.  There are some stragglers of color which makes it still worth going out for a drive...let me rephrase that...the colors are still interesting enough for my drive to work and back this week.

I'm able to enjoy glimpses of color through the windshield as it gets a bit lighter out on my way to work.  

It is pretty much going to be a crazy few days.  I'm working 6 days in a row from pre dawn to after dark.
So much for my plans for working with Siera and taking fall photos!

I won't mind the extra pay as it will allow me to set aside some money for some things I'd like to add to my photography arsenal.  One major thing being a very good tripod.  
I got to use one in Virginia that belonged to my brother and it spoiled me.

My brother and his wife were absolutely wonderful guests and hosts, I enjoyed my visit with them so much.  I think I won't have to worry about eating for at least a week or so!

However simply is nice to be back home again.



The Dancing Donkey said...

Welcome home, and I love that last photo,

The Three Muleteers said...

Welcome home, bet it's nice to be home to what I guessing was a very warm welcome from all your gang!