Saturday, July 20, 2013

Long Live Fractals

Well in between doing farm chores and some summer photography, I've been dabbling in Fractal programs again.

I like to mix my programs up and I think that some beautiful creations can be made.

One of the things I am not sure of is the perfect symmetrical flames that I've been seeing with certain programs.
Sure they are pretty but they are just that.  They don't make you go ... hmmm, or don't produce anything for the imagination.

Here is a sample of one of those fractal flames I've done.

Pretty colors but for me it is just that.  It doesn't draw the 'eye' or attention to anything but the middle of the piece.

I'd rather have something that makes you 'look' at it.  To try and figure out what is going on, if anything.

Like this:

This was created with JWildfire and Incendia.

Or this, created with Incendia, Mandelbulb 3D and photoshop...

I much prefer abstracts that 'do' something for the person looking at them.

I wonder if I am just alone in this thought or should I stick to just plain symmetrical prettiness?

My mind and heart say go the other way.  Create for fun, create for myself.

Just my thought for this evening while I render a project that I plan to mix up with some other items and make a composite image.


The Dancing Donkey said...

I don't know anything about fractals, but...I like the second one best and I agree, the 2nd and 3rd are much more interesting then the first.

Val said...

Thanks...I like to 'create' some 'food for thought' or a reaction at least!

jorge a b said...

Totally agree with your statement.
Personally didn't like this perfect symetric fractals. It looks too dead or mathematical done.
Prefer too add the human touch, like you do, to a creation. So you can see the effort done or a little story told from this person (pictures speak!)

Val said...

jorge a b ... you are so right. Your fractals are always so interesting.