Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Evening Stroll with Fred

Chores were done.  Watering was done.  
I had 'caught' Opal and let her graze some in the yard after getting some grain.

Fred was nagging at the gate.
He wanted out with Opal.

I opened up the gate and let him in the pen.  I swapped him with Opal and gave him a quick once over with the curry and the brush.

Since he hadn't been ridden in a while, I tossed a saddle on him and we headed towards the ridge to watch the sunset.

He was very eager and trotted in his pony mulish way.

He spotted a large doe bounding through the neighbor's cropland.

No spook, just a watch.

We rode out and spent some time on the ridge.  I wanted to see that he hadn't lost any of his manners.  It has been about a year since I've ridden him. 
Fred was Fred.

He even stopped for a bunch of kids and let them pet him ... coo and ahhh over him.
He was rather unimpressed but took the attention quietly and without doing anything.

The kids assumed since he was a pony, that he was a 'kid' mule.  Not so. 
Not many kids could handle Fred's go-go attitude.  He is quick and responsive too.

I explained this sort of to the kids.  I may let them 'ride' him if I have him on a lead rope, but I don't send kids off on an animal, especially if they don't have experience.

Anyway Fred was the perfect ambassador.  He got to the little girls' hearts just by being Fred.

A good quiet mule is worth his/her wieght in gold.
Fred is such an animal.


The Three Muleteers said...

Nice to make your acquaintance Fred, what a lovely gentleman you are!

The Dancing Donkey said...

I keep having this terrible little thought that Tessa would make a really good mule momma and a mule might be just the thing for me. You aren't helping any:)

Lori Skoog said...

What is the height of your mules? Just curious...don't have a clue.

Val said...

Lori I have mules ranging from 13.2 hands to Fred who might be an inch 14.2.
Badger was 15 hands.
14 hands is nice 13.2 is even nicer for me.
I'm little and I like easy mount ups now.