Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot Hot Hot

Even though the day is incredibly hot and humid, ... the clouds are producing some wonderful images.

While washing the Cavalier this morning I looked up and saw this.

Hopefully this evening I can get out and get some berry picking done.
The black caps are generous this year and very delicious.

I would like to bring Opal as my bucket carrier, and she can do the walking.

I caught a great shot of her seeking grass between daisies the other evening.

My ribs are feeling better with pain management.  
Floating rib contusion and cartilage damage. 
The good news is that I should only suffer for about one more week.

But that should not keep me from picking those luscious berries!

I should also get down to the creek and enjoy some fresh cool waters!



Anonymous said...

What did you do to your ribs?

Val said...

While jumping onto a pony mule bareback, I hit my lower rib cage against his withers.
Felt it pop.
It was the floating rib, I bruised it, nothing broken.