Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Three Dogs and A Woman

Every once in a while when I go out in the woods, I have a 'great' adventure.  Look at it this way.  I'm out as the only human, generally with a mule or a dog.

In this case 3 dogs.
Two pups, Thelma & Louise, and Morris.

Going down the north hillside was treacherous, I kept thinking I was going to fall on my arse and slid into a tree.
But we all made it safely down into the valley.

At the first creek crossing Morris jumped across like he normally does.

This was Thelma & Louise's first encounter with the big Creek!

Louise figured it out pretty quickly and walked through the water.

Thelma sat down and bayed her little heart out.
 You put the left foot take the left foot out!  :)

She finally crossed after we walked away leaving her to figure it out.  Morris and Thelma ran down the valley and she soon caught up with them.

As we followed the creek bank Thelma got brave and decided to walk to a grassy overhang and look down into a deep pool of water.
Thelma didn't realize the bank was under cut and she went head over heels into 'the drink'.  The pool was not deep, but again with Morris and Louise's attention she got out on her own.

There was lots of running, sniffing, and playing.  

We discovered a couple of coyote kills, negotiated some very icy terrain, stopped to watch trout in the creek...
I sat on a log and just enjoyed the day.
The 3 dogs played hard.  Morris is 7 years old and the pups are 3 months old now?

I believe I took about 100 photos. 

But my absolute favorite of the day is this one of Morris taking a rest on the icy hillside watching over Thelma & Louise.
His expression is priceless.

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Beautiful story Val ...Syl