Friday, February 24, 2012

OH NO..the dryer is broke. Again.

Well last night when I went to put some jeans in the dryer, the door wouldn't close.

It kept popping open.  After much 'ado', hubby figured that it was the little 'thingy' in the door latch that will not stay shut.

I'm like.
*This dryer had 9 months off! How dare it not have the 'door thingy' stay latched!*

Of course I'm thinking that the Chicago Natural History Museum might want this as a collector's piece.  I have no idea what the vintage of it is.  Hubby bought it at auction before I met him in 1996.
In fact aside from a dining room table, he did the house decorating.

I call this particular style.
"Bachelor Auction".
It is a style of its own!

Perhaps we can get that little door thingy to work.  [Note the use of technical language here.]
If not, I guess I could try duct tape?
If that doesn't work...
Well then, back to the Laundry Line.

Maybe though~~ HE will find a fix for it.  I mean he is pretty darned handy.

Unfortuneatly though things that need fixin' tend to have to sit around for quite a while.

I'm glad spring is almost here.  It is much nicer to hang out clothes in warm weather!


Bronco Hollow said...

Is that before or after the bathroom sink plumbing? Just curious....

Val said...

Well...he fixed it, found a screw loose.
Imagine that IT was a record breaking fix! 72 hrs!