Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Showing Puppies the Ropes ~ by Morris

Why am I subjected to such indignities?
I am a Jack Russell Terrier.
King of MY [errrr, HER house].  King of the Couch.

Yet I am expected to show these young pups the ropes around the farm.
This entails taking them on hikes through the woods with HER...which is fine.
But the pups get sooooo close before I bolt!

They weigh more than me now and are getting huge-er-er each day!
This is the 2nd time I've had to teach pups the ropes.
Below is me with I think SHE has a funky way of taking photos of us dogs running together!

...and the time I played chase in the yard with Dottie.  She grew so fast!  She was bigger than me in no time flat!

Maybe, I'm getting too old for this?
Here is me with the pups the other day in the woods...
See a theme here?

I run, I play I chase with these black and tan hound pups ... and I never lose my patience...
Um, okay I did the other day, I growled when Thelma and Louise ambushed me.

But back in the day when I first came to the farm, there was a hound named Queen that showed ME the ropes.

I see it fitting that I do my part as she did for me.
But gosh.
I'm sort growing old for this don't you think?

But alas, I do my sworn duty as the elder and the wise one.
I show the puppies how to get home out of the woods after a long hike.

I am a good dog aren't I?


gtyyup said...

Awww're the perfect big brother! And don't worry 'bout the hiney're cute at that end too!

Anonymous said...

hi Val can't access flickr are you having the same problem, i have also contacted my sister in-law also and she can,t get in either.

panicked Sylvia LOL