Thursday, June 23, 2011

All About Grandma's House ~ by Morris

At the Grandma's House, you can jump on her bed to look out the window. What a good Grandma she is to provide this service.
I did growl at the neighbor because I am used to a more rural area you know.
After all, they could have
might have
been strangers of dangers.
I did save the Grandma from a very terrifying Eagle that was swooping down upon her garage.

The Grandma explained to me that in fact the 'terrifying' Eagle was a painting.
you never know.

I was also able to play tug of war with the Grandma. She is pretty good at it, but says I'm a bit rough.
I was really trying to impress her with my tugging abilities while Sammy stood behind us and barked.
I think she thought I should be more of a quiet dog like her.

We decided to go for a walk.
Much different than a country hike.
It is a must to wear a leash and stay by your human on the side of the road.
I tried to walk with the Grandma.
Sammy liked it when I walked with her too.
We had many things to smell and pee on.

We even made many neighborhood dogs bark.
They were jealous because we were
and they were not.

To end out bike outting, we went to a park and sat on a small pier kind of thing.
The Grandma held the both of us while SHE took our picture.

Sammy and I had a wonderful time...I'm sure that
I irritated her quite a bit, but when we wore each other out~

I took the Grandma chair and Sammy stretched out in the doorway.

I got a special blanket from the nice Grandma. On my road trip back home I took advantage of it and let HER do the driving.
My trip was long and I figured SHE could navigate without my help.

Besides, I was sad.
I had to leave Sammy, she was a lot of fun.


Rose said...

Always so much fun to read your stories Val.

Val said...

Morris has such a good time!

gtyyup said...

Morris the adventurer!! He's always such a polite lil' guy...kisses to you~