Monday, June 06, 2011

Good Mules Help Heal

A while ago...well last September I believe, a good friend of mine got severely injured in a pretty awful horse - motorcycles incident.
Yes, she even had to be 'airlifted' to a larger hospital.

Her injuries were pretty bad.

You can read about it on an old blog post:
Horseback Rider Harassed by Motorcycles

This friend introduced Badger and I to Endurance Riding. She rides a beautiful mare, the same one involved in the accident.
But since the accident, she has been unable to ride.
I suggested she take her time and perhaps come with me on one of my good quiet mules.
Yesterday, she took me up on the offer.
Mind you, this is a woman who suffered a cracked vertebrae and traumatic injuries...
she has GUTS.

We saddled up and went for a short 'test' ride to see how her old injuries would feel and if she'd be able to handle riding again.

Guess what? She loved it. She enjoyed it.

This morning she called my husband and thanked him for letting her use Fred [which is his mule].
She had thanked me profusely while we unsaddled and had asked if we could do it again, but perhaps go for just a bit longer.

Of course.

Let the healing begin.
She is back in the saddle and getting both her mind and body healed.

Mules can be good for that [oh yes, horses can be too...but she was injured on a].

I watched with great pleasure as my friend got into her car and drove away.

I heard something in her voice that I hadn't heard in months.


I saw something in her step and her body language that I hadn't seen in months.


I put my hand on Opal's head and rubbed gently as my friend left.
Mules can be healers.


RebelRoX87 said...

That is very heartwarming!:) Reminded me of a quote I made up in my head early today: "My horse lifts me up when I cannot go on. My horse gives me legs when I otherwise have none." Of course, you could always switch out the "horse" with mule!!

Val said...

Thanks...that goes either way doesn't it?

Mule or horse...or perhaps even a wonderful donkey.