Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She's Packing! by Morris

I'm worried.
She's packing.

It could mean a road trip for me.
Or it could mean I'm 'sentenced' to spend time with the Grouch who is only slightly amused when I toss my Hedgehog onto the table and it spills his morning coffee.

I'm hoping I get to go.
I like trips.
I love trips.
I love to navigate and put my nose prints ALL over the Cavalier's windows.
I love to travel.

SHE put the back seats down in the Cavalier.
That means serious road trip.

So this morning I am her shadow. Underfoot, in the way, cling to her every move...type of shadow.
Pretty irritating isn't it? Well, I have to know what is going on.

I don't want to stay with Grouch. He doesn't take me on walks or hold me in his lap.
He does feed me though and play tug of war -- only because I'm a real nag at that.

I'm going to put some toys in that little case, and then I'm going to lay on it and look at her with big soft doey eyes.

Think she'll get the hint??


mj said...

Well, does Morris get to go????

Val said...

Yes he did.
Such a good traveler he is!