Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Yard Hens

A co~worker asked me if I'd like some chickens.

Now, I haven't had chickens in years. I love chickens. I love their contented little clucks they give while hunting bugs and eating grass.

I love fresh eggs.
Not the pale store eggs you find in the store.

I love brown shelled eggs, for me, they somehow just taste better.

Day one of the yard chickens went well.

They clucked and fussed and wandered about.
Two hens decided to take over one of our hound dog houses~~while he watched on ... not sure what to do.

My Jack Russell thought it was fun to chase them, 'til I popped him in the butt with a whip.

The mules who've never seen chickens really watched with their ears on alert. They'll soon get used to them, I'm sure.

Last night they went back into the shed that we released them in, and roosted.

Next on the list is nesting boxes, roosts...and a place for them in the winter.

Chickens are cool.

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mj said...

Life in your back yard sounds very interesting. Great photo of the chicken face...the one with the big eyes.