Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trust, ... you have to earn it.

I had a different story written for today that had nothing to do with mules.

Yeah I truly did.

But guess what, Siera took first place.
We spent most of the afternoon exploring each other's likes and dislikes. She explored her trust in me, and I explored my trust in her.

We needed to build confidence in the deep woodlands.
Open trails are fine.
Steep ravines and confusing deer trails take more consideration.

Siera is looking for leadership and the trust in me that I shall not ask her to do something that will get her in trouble.

Both of us arrived at home after 3 hrs in the woods, sweaty and happy.
She learned that dry washes and nasty looking ditches may just not eat her after all.

I learned that she likes the big open trail ... or to cruise magnificently down the back roads, gaiting in all of her splendor.

We are learning that trust is good. I won't get her into trouble, and I believe she'll do her damnedest not to get me in trouble.

This makes for a good relationship.

All is good. Siera earned her grooming tonight.


mj said...

It's been many years since my early schooling on Polly. She had more trouble getting adjusted to all the strange shadows on a the forest trail. I later learned that a mule takes about 5-7 years to fully develop their vision. They don't see as clearly as they do in the open daylight, and so moving from light to dark in the woods can require more trust in your guidance. Have you ever heard that before???? And, I will never tire of your mule blogs!

Val said...

She is 5 yrs old, so I think it is a combination of trying to do these things solo that is an issue.
If my hubby would come along just once, I believe her confidence level would go through the 'roof'.

mj said...

I have been wondering why you didn't have a seasoned mule along for an occasional ride....taking turns being the leader, but it's also very nice to have an animal that has the confidence to go it alone!