Sunday, September 06, 2009

What I feel

How to describe it?

It's the feel of the warm September breeze on your face...

The buzz of locusts and the sound of hooves on the gravel road...

Pure Joy.

While moving down the country road on that first long ride with an animal that you've worked with for two years.
Satisfaction and pleasure, as she moves like silk under saddle...

Her ears alternating between the 'mule ear flop' and pointing at her new world.

She covers open ground at an amazing pace which makes you want to hold your breath, or wonder if you should check your teeth for bugs. [your smile is huge!]

She slows as she hears a car coming towards you. It is the mail carrier who gives a big hardy wave. This does not bother her, she gives the vehicle a look of curiosity.

Later she is covering ground at her Paso gait and a doe steps out from between corn rows.

All 4 hooves grab the road and her legs stiffen. She gives the doe a long hard look that says *I eat deer*....and moves on.

You want to laugh as she steps out again, the late summer sun is warm, the breeze is slight...and you can smell fall just around the corner.

Instead you let out a whoop of pleasure [she takes this in stride also].

This is just so sweet.
And you are happy.


crazy mule lady said...

I know that feeling except I did not start my mule. I am getting ready to put the 3rd ride on my mule since she's been home. She has her ears forward most of the time unless I'm talking to her. She saw some feeder cattle last week and WHOA were those ever scarey. She didn't run off with me but she whirled and walked just as fast as she could. This is a new experience for me but I have been loving every moment of it. She is fun to ride and smooth gaits!! I am so happy for you. You are a very brave woman. Keep up the good work and have many fun rides ahead!!

Val said...

It is always exciting to get a young one headed in the right direction.

I love being with them and learning with is such a wonderful journey to take together.

mj said...

I envy you all those new experiences together. She does sound like a real thinking mule...a definite keeper! Here's wishing you many happy adventures together.