Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wandering in the cold

Numb fingers, frosty breath...
A tripod in the water...
Batteries dying in the middle of a timed exposure...

It is interesting to find out how well balanced a person can be while trying to unscrew the little tripod thingy from the bottom of the camera and NOT drop the little thingy [note the technical lingo] while juggling out the dead batteries.
Ah yes, I was smart enough to bring my second set.
Dexterous enough to be able to exchange the batteries with the now very numb fingers and reset the thingy on the bottom...remount it on the tripod...and proceed!

Today it was about water...running cold water. The creek water. I love walking the creek. Every time I walk it, it has changed in some way. I had a very successful bunch of shots, but when I got home what impressed me the most was the ice.

My mind was cleared, my body at ease [and fatigued of course], and I was so happy.

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