Monday, January 07, 2008

The Fog Curse and Strange Weather...

January has so far proven to be an interesting month for weather. Unpredictable and wild...a reminder that Ma Nature has her own agenda.
Deep and dense fog is not unusual for the month of January in our area. But as I browse the NOAA site I have noticed that the whole entire state has been enveloped in it for two days!

Schools have been called off. Yesterday afternoon there was an awful accident outside of Madison, WI. More than 100 vehicles were involved. Madison Crash.

In Kenosha and Racine today it is speculated that three tornadoes touched down. Of course I called my oldest son to see if he was okay and he was. Kenosha Tornadoes.

While here we dealt with heavy rainfalls combined with dangerous lightening and dense fog. The fear is that our ground is still frozen and we had an excess of 20" of snow that has rapidly melted with the sudden warm temps and the heavy rainfall.

Things on the home front are pretty peaceful right at the moment, so I think we are quite lucky!

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