Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back To School!

Oh I feel like a kid again. But I am not getting the new shoes, new clothes, nor do I have to figure out where my locker is...
Nope back on line at Herzing College.
Today I started preparation for my 'internship'. I decided to 'wing it' and called the Human Resources person I'd interviewed with this summer at our local hospital to see if I could intern there.
I'm kind of proud of myself for sending her a beautiful Thank You card after getting a letter saying that they'd found someone else for the position. She remembered me quite well and the fellow that I'd been double teamed with did too.
So I've dropped off my papers for her to review after reminding her that my work for Vernon Memorial would be 'free' in she wouldn't be paying me. She said that 'J' was quite busy with missing people and wasn't sure he could put me somewhere.
I reminded her that I was quite adept at answering phones and had some very useful skills that could be put to use in 'missing peoples' places. She has agreed to look over what my requirements are [they are very friendly to the institution] and would call me back soon.

So I am taking a few minutes while our school website goes down--it seems to always do that during the first couple days of school, especially around 9PM. I try to do all my testing and discussions earlier or later.

Tomorrow is a day home from work. Snow is in the forecast so I may take some time to 'chill' out and hike with Mr. Morris. Then back to writing my school papers!

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Rachel said...

OOoh, how exciting! I hope you get the internship there, and what a great idea to send a thank you card. You're a smart gal. :D