Sunday, January 20, 2008

How not to Photograph!

The air temperature is -1 degree. There is a small breeze blowing that chills your cheeks. You know it is cold! More than likely it is too cold for a digital camera to handle. Meaning--when you bring it in it will get wet from the moisture!
Trick to use: Before you go inside, drop your camera, film or digital into a zip lock bag. The moisture will accumulate on the inside of the bag...let the camera sit until it reaches room temp.

Okay with that said, I bundled up and took Morris with me on a hike down to the creek with a promise to hubby that I wouldn't stay out too long! I got engrossed in using my Pentax K1000, figuring aperatures, fstops, trying a polarizing filter...
I was so proud of myself for finding and taking some awesome photos!
Especially when the great big buck came running past followed by a doe and another buck....Wow was I good! I got them!

I was tickled with my accomplishments, but noticed that poor Morris was trying to stand on 'no' feet. He was shaking and shivering. So I headed back just as smug as all get out.
Until I got to shot 24. Well if you've ever used a film camera...that is where the film is supposed to not advance any further...

Today when I go back out, I'm taking film.

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