Sunday, May 06, 2007

Morel Hunting

Morel Hunting
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There probably is nothing more relaxing than walking out in the woods with Morris and hubby. We did that for quite a while on Thursday and found some nice Morels.

It eases the ache and agony that this new bout of 'being' old is giving me.
Friday the PT dude really did some digging under muscles to release nerve bundles? Now from what I understand that really hurts even if you aren't hurting.

I know I was pretty negative the other day--previous post. But the sun is shining, I rode my mule, I walked in the woods...
and I've done the homework for one of this week's classes.


Gep said...

oK, This is weird. I can't belief I stumbled on your blog. How the heck are you? I know about feeling old...I feel the same sometimes. I am sorry about your Dad. I remember your Grandma and Grandpa.. They were great. Remember the deer 4th of July of 1975? I am happy that you married your best friend, that means everything. Carolyn and I will be married 30 yrs next month and she is my best friend. Your pictures are amazing, though you were always artistic. Do you still draw? A voice from the past,
J Gephart

val said...

Holy cow Jim! Do I ever remember that deer! Your poor sister's car! I'm so glad Carolyn and you are still together. My first marriage didn't go too well but that was long ago.

Yes I still doodle, more computer art now. In fact I am back in college full time.