Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Codes? What codes?

Fred's eye
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I have a love/hate relationship with my 'coding' class. I love the class really I do. Now if we could get an instructor to instruct it, that would be lovely.
I should have been suspicious when I read about 15 titles behind her name that she would know a ton of stuff about medical coding...but wouldn't know squat about teaching. A teacher responds to the students, guides the students, and even answers questions!
Nope not this one. This is the first crappy class I've had and I sure hope it doesn't screw up my perfect grade point.

On a second note, we went riding for hours last night until the thunder and lightening sent us home with two bags of morel mushrooms. It was hot sticky and humid...and we had a blast 'brush busting' in the back valley. Twice Fred [the mule] flushed up nesting turkey hens.
Now if you want to pee your pants, have one of those babies come blasting out of the brush right up at you! Sounds like a 747 with attitude!
Cool Fred and Badger. Not a wink, just raised their heads and ears. Good mules, good mules.

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