Thursday, May 10, 2007

Crabby is as Crabby does

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I had a pretty foul mood today. I shouldn't have, I aced two tests and turned in my homework that isn't due until Monday. I started on next week's assignments...then took a break and took a long hot hike in the woods.
I felt restless the rest of the day. I wanted to ride, I think that would have been good. I didn't get to though. I think that compounded my stress level...or crabby levels.

Well off to get some sleep if my shoulder will allow it. Tomorrow is my last scheduled PT appointment. I can't see throwing more money at a problem that won't get improved with Physical Therapy. I'm sure that is part of the Crabbiness. Giving up another summer of being partially laid up.
My luck would have it that they will want to do both the shoulder and wrist surgeries! Yikes! Well get them over with I say so I can reach my out of pocket expenses ...

That is depressing. I need to go to Happy Land.

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