Tuesday, August 29, 2006


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Some yayhoo called the local rag to tell them that my dad was going to be featured on a program this Thursday nite called 'American Eats'. Okay that is nice, but local news slueth decides to come and talk with me.
I'm not famous, I'm not Dad. I didn't create Charlie the Tuna. I'm just his daughter. And dammit I miss him now that I have to think of what to say when this reporter shows up.
Personally? It is kinda nice for dad to be featured on TV. But I sorta don't want to go through the pain again you know what I mean?

Here I sit at the office looking at his pictures and I'm thinking I'm going to cry.
I still miss him soooo much.

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Rachel said...

*BIG HUGS* The story is beautiful and I know you must be so proud. It is sad that he didn't get any recognition when he was alive though. I know it must make you miss him terribly. But just think about how he must be up there in heaven just shaking his head and laughing at all the goings-on with this. :D