Saturday, August 05, 2006

So good to be alive!

I bounced out of bed [okay...sort of crawled out of bed this morning] and grabbed a cup of warmed up coffee on the way out the door. I sipped the hot nasty stuff and called out my mule's name. Far off in the woods I heard his voice bray out in answer.
Don't get me wrong. I love early mornings, but they don't always like me.
I tossed Badger's saddle on him, threw the camera in a bag and we took off in the pre dawn hush.

We are 'legging' up. An expression used for getting your animal in shape for Endurance riding. Pre dawn seems to be the best time for me as evening is always caught up with some type of farm chores.

We watched an awesome sunrise and I was surprised by the early morning colors and how different the land looked in the early light.

On the way out of the valley, it suddenly hit me. I felt so full of live and so joyous that I literally teared up--yes you read that right. I got choked up! I dropped my hand onto Badger's neck and silently thanked him.
Never in my entire life have I had such an incredible relationship with an animal. There is an intense love and trust between us that cannot be explained.

This is to you Badger, Mr. Mule, thank you for making me feel SO ALIVE.


Rachel said...

:) I'm so happy to hear that you had a day like this, dear friend. You've really needed it, haven't you? I'd love to ride with you and Badger one day and see all these places you talk about. :) Maybe one day!

val said...

Thanks Rachel, adventure is what keeps me going!