Monday, August 14, 2006

Sometimes you feel like a nut!!!

Watch out for the photographer!
Originally uploaded by Xena~.
After 9 hrs of running around on sandy trails, eating dust, dodging galloping horses [okay, they dodged me]...and using up tons of film and digital memory...I felt a bit silly. I handed my digital to the 'timer' and did a little jig while waiting to photo the 50 miler's finish.

I had a grand time at the Louise Reidel Memorial Bra Buster Ride. I heard rumours that Louise had a habit of getting others to hang their bras in tree limbs on the trail???
She was quite the lady I guess and it is my disappointment to have never met her.

On the other hand I had so much fun, it ought to be illegal!

Next ride I hope to be mounted!


Liz said...

Sounds and looks like you really had some fun.

loonie said...

I think your spirit shines through immensely with all of your talent for us to enjoy. Loonie

val said...

Thanks ladies I sure had the time...even if I got worn out.