Monday, August 28, 2006

15 minutes

Pedro and garbage
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I got to meet a very friendly and personable clinician this weekend. His name is Steve Edwards of Queen Valley Mule Ranch in Arizona. His methods are not difficult nor does he ever talk down to you. :-)

He stresses safety and truly truly believes in helping people. I had a great time photoing him while he trained this little mini called Pedro. I slid around in the gravel on my side, laid on the ground, squirmed between spectators...who parted for me amazingly enough after Steve hollered out~
'This is VAL she writes articles for Mules and More Magazine!'

I had people crowding up to me after the mini clinic wanting to talk to me of all people.
[Are YOU the VAL EWING??? The one that writes about Billy Bob and Patchy and all those articles????]

Darn interesting to be treated like a celeb!

Had my 15 minutes of fame in Bloomfield Iowa.


Rachel said...

How exciting! :) I can't wait to see all of your photos from the trip. :)

val said...

Thanks Rachel!!! Some are up at Flickr, but not all. Just haven't had time yet!