Monday, December 03, 2018

Making Cards

Well here we go again. It is time to make the Christmas Cards. I know others do it in some very crafty ways. 

Another Blogger---- > Far Side of Fifty, makes her own Christmas cards. Plus she and her husband carve and paint ornaments from ... real wood and cool bark!

My talent? I have a camera and lots of imagination. So here are some of my possible photos for Christmas Cards. 

The Creekside Bears:

Nor and Runo:

Then there is the Charlie photo. I wanted to keep up the tradition of having my pet dress up and pose. Morris was never still. He bounced all over and usually took several treats to get one decent shot.

Charlie is a dream. He is like a posable doll. He doesn't look at the camera but tends to look all around as if he is embarrassed.

But I think I have one that I will use.

Charlie is just plain tired of all the shenanigans. However, he is such a good sport about it all!

He even 'posed' on the chair but this is the look I got!
Okay. So now I've bored you to death about this.

I use a photo editing program and print out 5X7's or 4X6's at Walmart for about .06 a piece and then send them in an envelope with a note.

Is that a good idea or not? I sort of think so.

I think I need to get busy and order my prints so I can take some time to write notes. I may just print them out this year...I haven't decided yet.
I've always loved hand written notes, they seem so much more personal.

Then my next project. Calendars.

And Charlie was very relieved when I told him that we were done posing for photos.

That's it for today.
Boring, I know! the way. Sunsine is doing fantastic. It is like she never had any colic! I had to take Fred the elder mule...he is something like 33 ish inside the shed and out of the sleet. He warmed up and then proceeded to try and take apart the round pen panels. He started braying before light this morning and chasing the girls around.

All is quiet on the Farm.


  1. Good choice on the card! Charlie is so cute and cheerful, it will make people smile. I write a few notes too for my cards is all on my desk right now. :) Our ornaments are a labor of love and good activity for old folks:)

  2. Thanks, not every one will get a Charlie card as some folks don't much care for dogs, but I think I covered the bases!

  3. I agree that the Charlie card is so cheerful. They are all good but the Charlie ones are special. I still miss my dog so enjoy seeing Charlie.