Thursday, July 12, 2018

Valley Fog this morning...

Well that is what the weather site said when I got up yesterday.

I fed Charlie, let him out, and then headed to the ridge.

Indeed, there was valley fog.

My only beef with the mornings now is that cell towers have been erupting on the ridges.
If the angle were just a bit wider here there would be another tower just to the left of the one in the upper left corner.
I'm finding that I have to get creative with compositions to avoid them on this sky line.
However, I guess that is the way of our world now. Cell towers are being built in this area like wildfire.
Our hills and valleys are so steep that we need many towers to provide coverage.
I used to have to drive to the ridge to get a tower, now I can get it from my home. However we maintain a land line.

Okay, I am off my soap box now.
Just enjoy the rest of my morning.

And then the sun tried to peek out...

and to the east...over the neighbor's cattle pasture....

...and then I headed back towards home and took one last shot of the orange fog over Riley Road.

...and one more of my other neighbor's round bales in the field waiting to get picked up and stored in her shed.

I had a busy day lined up.
Perhaps that is why I love early mornings, I get some peace and quiet time before the rest of the responsibilities kick in.


  1. Beautiful fogginess! I like late nights...and sadly night photography is not for me:) You need that bit of alone time.

  2. I have done photography at night ... of the milky way. I should be doing it again, but I am sleeping soundly through the nights now! I am happy to be doing that instead of having insomnia like last year!