Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Sunrise Club

Everyone started drifting downstairs slowly. Charlie and I had already been up and at 'em for a while.

Daryl took their dog out, and as soon as Scout came in, Charlie commenced to wrestling with him.
We mumbled good mornings and soon had our cups filled with fresh coffee.

I nodded towards the brightening eastern sky. Amanda soon appeared, more coffee shuffled around. Scout ate his breakfast, Charlie was sent to his crate...and Daryl went to wake up his youngest daughter who wanted to go see the sunrise with us.
She walked into the kitchen rubbing her eyes as we gathered our things and a set of car keys.

In no time at all we were headed up the driveway. I got to the mailbox and decided to go out on PeeWee's Ridge instead of our usual spot.

The view to the east was proving to be fantastic and colorful.

The view to the west, however was even more beautiful.

I lamented to my friends that corn had been planted on both sides of the drive and this would be one of the last times I could take a sunrise without the corn obscuring the ridges beyond the fields.

However, perhaps there is a solution after all...

That or I could bring a stepladder. I know now that it would fit in the 'Ru if I laid the back seats down.
Something to consider anyway...hmmm.

And then the sun burst over the field of corn...

...and a new day started.


  1. Tis beautiful there in the morning:) I really like that first photo:)

  2. Spectacular ... as always.