Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Mob

I haven't said anything in a while about the mules. I have gone riding quite a bit this year though.

Tomorrow the heat index will be back up around 100 degrees in our area so I won't be doing any riding or heavy out door work.

Here is my Mob.
Or our Gang.

When a cold front moved through with a wicked shelf cloud on the 4th of July the mules had a fit.

They came out of the woods and proceeded to run willy nilly. Even Fred who is in his 30's ran and bucked.
I don't know if it was because of the front, the rapid temperature change, the winds, or perhaps the change in the barometer...but they entertained us with some antics.
Sorry the shots aren't the best but I was watching for severe weather and prepared to go to the basement at the same time.

This last shot is of the red headed sisters. The one on the right was to be Rich's mule to train.
I am torn between selling her and training her.

I think she'd make a fantastic mule for riding, just like her sister is. Their mom was my first horse that I ever owned.

Perhaps my schedule will start to settle down enough to let me work with Sundance at least once a week. Truly, I'd like to work with her every day.

Well. We shall see how things go.

I have to rotate pastures today along with several other errands and some much need weed whacking before the heat wave hits tomorrow.


  1. I love your mob and the sunrise photos were quite amazing. If I was younger, I would love to have one of your mules.

  2. Hope you find time to do some training! Stay cool, the weather is wicked hot :(