Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Time for me.

Being a caretaker is not an easy task. But I am not complaining really. I am again going through the stress of taking care of billings that are done improperly and juggling appointments with the VA Medical Center. I try and help Rich get one goal accomplished each day.

I realized that I needed some quiet time. I hadn't been leaving the farm at all really. Just getting groceries and in the mornings I await for him to get up. We both have the fear that another stroke will happen if I am not there to watch him get up.
He awakens and wonders if something will happen.

But we are working through that now.

So this morning I took a 5AM jaunt to some of my favorite places. I was only gone for about an hour and a half.

But it was worth it.

My first stop was on top of the ridge. The sky and colors were out of this world.

And then I jumped in the Subaru and headed to Black Bottom.

Black Bottom Creek ~ 
the creek is called something else now 
but the old timers still refer to it that way.

I caught a little color before the fog moved in and took over.

I headed home to get a cup of coffee.
And when I got out of the car I had to stop.

The heavy moisture in the air had created a beautiful dew on the burdocks that I intended to cut down.

When did burdock look so lovely?

When did fleabane look so incredible?
My morning was complete.
I went inside to start the day with a huge list of 'to dos'.

However I got some quiet time in before the day really started.

A trip to the creek was on my next "Me Time" list.
As a caretaker I have learned that it is so important to take some time out for myself in order to do things I really enjoy.

Early mornings work out fairly well, and sometimes late afternoons do also.

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Lori Skoog said...

You are an amazing photographer! Yes, taking a break from your routine can be energizing.