Friday, July 07, 2017

Here and There

I've been wandering again. To find the elusive yellow raspberries.
Mission accomplished.

Of course I had to do it on the hottest most humid day we've had so far.

I found some St. John's Wort.

Everyone is in a huge scare over the wild parsnip. If you mess with it and get juices on you while they are flowering, you will get burned and blistered.

However I walked carefully through a field full of them. Walk carefully. Don't wear shorts and be very cautious.

In order to find the yellow wild raspberries, I had to get through them.

It was a delight to find them and eat them.
I didn't bring a pickin' bucket.

I just enjoyed the taste.
However, I wonder why I always decide to pick the hottest days to do these wanderings?

At least I was able to cool off in the creek on the way home.
After splashing myself with cool water, I sat on a rock and just enjoyed the forest sounds.

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