Saturday, July 01, 2017

All One Mule Parade?

The burning question of this coming weekend. Will the Annual Folsom All One Mule Parade have more than one Mule in it?

Will it?

Um. Why do you think I've been training the kids so hard on riding?

I mean, last year these kids worked very hard at becoming mule riders.

Nearly every waking moment was spent on ... learning to ride and practicing.

We worked hard, so very hard.

This year I can ride with them in the old winter paddock for practice. The kids can ride the mules pictured. Fred and Siera.

I can ride my little red head.
After Badger died I figured the kids wouldn't have a thing to ride. 

I worked for 5 yrs on Siera, I worked hard. I have worked hard with Fred the elder mule and am working with Sunshine too.

Sunshine is proving to be a calm Zen mule just like her half brother Badger!

Because of our chaotic year, I haven't been able to ride Sunshine since last fall. Last night our outing was good. Not a blip in her radar.
Same with Siera the night before.

I do love a good mule. However...I love a great mule and I have 3 of them with one in training.

So...hopefully when the grand-kids arrive we can have a refresher and on Tuesday do a 3 mule parade. We may only go past one neighbor but that will be good enough for me!

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