Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring ... ing...

Flowers are springing up.
My Grand daughter and I hiked the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. We enjoyed finding Blood Root, Hepatica, and Pinks along the Wintergreen Trail.

When we walked past the Reserve Center we encountered a bat. We watched as it climbed a tree. I really wished I'd had a great long lens, however this was the best I could do with not really wanting to get too close to the little brown thing!

The Wintergreen Trail really did not disappoint us at all. We found the outlook on a bluff over the Kickapoo River and decided to stop there and have our packed lunch.

The trail behind us looked like a mystic movie set.
I could imagine Elves and Hobbits peering at us from behind the Hemlock trees.

There is a surprise if you follow the trail all the way out nearly to the end.
An Ice Cave.

We spent a good part of the day doing some portrait shots. Ariel was a fantastic model and very patient.

The boys finally came home from their fishing excursion with a nice 'mess' of fish.

Our weekend ended last night with a nice pink and purple sky.
Spring has arrived...time to get to working on the fencing!

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Older and wiser said...

The kids are really growing! Love Ariel's hair, and she looks like you!