Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Dislike Self Portraits and what not.

This shot I did 'In Camera'. I didn't know that you could take two shots and merge them. Really? Wow!

The snow was on March 1st of this year. The other shot was a self timed shot of me looking out the window. Uninspiring I know, but it was a rather uninspired day.
A year ago I decided to try a type of photography that I knew I would never like at all. Still Life.
However that seems to be really quite fun.

I find myself looking constantly for new 'things' to add into my shots.

Tea Time:
or...old sewing drawer and dried flowers.

Or antlers and pearls...

However I've decided to expand into a bit more people photography. The rub is that there are not a lot of  'models' or people for me to try out the tricks of the trade on.

Hubby has been pretty good about it, but not always a willing participant.

But he hasn't gotten 'owly' about it when I point the camera at him.

His face is a lot more interesting than mine is.

Of course this was after a haircut.

Yes, I actually smiled and had to work for quite a while experimenting with the available light to get a shot that didn't show off my 'mature' skin too badly.
It isn't easy to set up a tripod and use a remote to take your own photo.

I can live with this photo. But I am getting a bit more comfortable in front of the lens.

I'm hoping  to expand on my models.

Before my haircut...

I have been following some tutorials on lighting. Oddly enough there are no photography tutorials that specifically address photographing a person that is mature in age. One photographer Mike Browne does address this issue, but mostly uses younger people in many of his shots.

I found that natural indirect light works best, direct sunlight is really not very nice to my fine wrinkles and crow's feet.

Mature men have great faces. I have to laugh at that. Older women are not really discussed at all!

I leave you with this shot. Hubby giving me the wink and nod...


Lori Skoog said...

I love the picture of you with your new haircut and the one of your hubby just above it!
I'm not too hot for having my picture taken, but there were a few that turned out when a photographer took them (needed them for our town board election brochures). Other than that....yuck.

Val Ewing said...

Thanks Lori, I don't like shots of me mostly, but I need some practice and I was experimenting.
I think I'd rather take my own shots now. :)