Thursday, April 27, 2017

Know how to work the cute face ~ By Morris

Once again the lady of the house started packing up her bags. I sat next to her suitcase and stared intently at her.
It had been so long since I'd gone on a trip that I wasn't sure She even remembered how to take me along anymore.

He put me in the crate while She loaded up the car. I cried and acted pitiful as could be. I was devastated. All my cuteness had not worked.
She was leaving once again without me.

Then He picked up my crate with me in it and carried it outside to the car. I went into the back seat of the Subaru and I was beyond excited. I dug around in my crate and shook like crazy. I even whined.
Adventure time!

Our Big Adventure started the next day. I started the day tired out. My buddy Scout and I had played late in the yard after I got there. I hadn't slept most of the trip either because I had been so excited for the car ride.

Scout is a youngster who is full of energy. He had this deal about sticks and water. I was not impressed, however I did watch him with a certain sense of jealousy.
We stopped for a sit down at this place on the big lake beach. I climbed up into Her lap and tucked my head into Her arm for a nap.
We were not done hiking!

She picked me up and commented on my sleepy looking face. I gave Her my Bedroom Eyes look.

Silly Scout kept leaping about full of energy.

Not me. She put me down and immediately the nice girl called D'manda picked me up.
With all that she was carrying, she sweetly picked me up and gave me a lift. I liked her a LOT.
I was quite impressed at how she could cross a log with that backpack and carry me at the same time.
Isn't she wonderful?

We rested on a bridge for a while before heading back to their car to have lunch. I gave everyone googly eyes and got some crusts of bread.
When you get to be an old dog you really know how to work a people's emotions.
On the drive to our next destination, I promptly went to sleep.
We stopped at another place and off we went. I felt pretty good after that short nap.
But then I started 'the sleepy tired out' look again.


Even the Daryl Guy picked me up and gave me a lift.
I didn't mind it at all until my pal came by and then I made an effort to get into her arms.

I really dig her.
I think my cute face and small size impresses people.
And Scout?

Alas, he was Scout...ever the entertainer...

I was quite sad on the day we had to leave our friend's place. I'd had so much fun. Well, except for the evil nasty scary black cat that lives in Scout's house.
She swatted me on the head and after that I avoided her like the plague.
However I did teach her one good lesson.

Jack Russells will eat cat food.
We headed towards home and She stopped at yet another hiking place.
And guess what?
Yep, you guessed it. I asked to be picked up and....she obliged.

However it was for a self portrait to mark the end of our Big Adventure.

I slept the rest of the way home.

I really do know how to work that Cute Face to my advantage....

Could you resist all this grey faced cuteness?
I think not.

Road Trip? Can we go again soon?

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