Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trail Blazing ~by Morris

Sure,  I knew it.  She got out her backpack, and got on her other gear.

I was not going to let her get outside again by herself.

No.  I hadn't been out since the blue ice adventure where she thought it was funny when I was sliding around on the ice.

I thought it was even funnier that she couldn't walk on it without ice cleats.

Anyway when she grabbed my little red leash I knew I was going!

She reached down for me and I jumped into her arms and settled into the crook of her arm.  I braced my back legs on her belt and off we went.

I jumped out of her arms when we got into the woods and raced ahead on the crunchy thin snow.  Last year she had to wear snowshoes to get around, this year, well the snow seems to be a bit lacking.

Then she got out the saw.  I don't like the saw very much, it is a hand saw thing that she uses when she works on clearing trails that have briers and other prickly things grow into them.

The sun was shining and she and I made our way slowly up 'Badger's' trail.  It wasn't used at all last year but she had maintained it to a certain point.

I guessed her goal when she started to work on the briers and multiflora rose.  She was re-routing because of a tree that had come down and the washout that was too narrow and deep to cross any longer.

I kept running around smelling and digging for vole nests or mice nests.  I kept a close eye on her and that sharp thing.

Last year I got my nose very close to it and got it cut.

Finally we made it to the creek and she put the hand saw away.  I knew the way home from here and figured we'd head up the creek.

I was right.

But then she pulled out that camera of hers and started to set up the tripod.

Really?  I was tired.  I was cold, I wanted to go home and maybe look for some really icky things to eat.

But ever the patient assistant that I am, I quietly sat on a rock over the creek and watched.

Then she sat on a rock and called me to her.  I was cold so I felt like a nice warm lap would be a good idea.

Then it was time to head home.  I know the trails as well as she does by now and I rarely wander off of them except to make sure a tree is marked properly or find something very yucky to eat.

It looks like we'll be ready as soon as the weather breaks to take Siera for rides in the woods.

I'm glad.
That means I get to go riding also.
Siera is good about me sitting in the saddle as a passenger.

Life is good.
Perhaps we'll go out and work on more trails soon!

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