Friday, January 09, 2015

Of this and that

When the weather is frightfully cold and we need to let the temps come up to a reasonable reading ... like -5 or maybe even 0 before we feel like starting chores...
I get sidetracked with a cup of coffee and some fractal programs.

The first picture of orange colors is from JWildfire.  I've talked about this program a lot and the newest version allows your to pick your own back round to place your newest flame or flames on.

The second shot was a photo of the frost on the window this morning that I edited with Topaz Glow.  It is all the rage right now and I do like the program although I think it can be used more subtly than most are doing with it.
The above example is the far-out end of the spectrum.

Below, I used it to assist in a 'illustrated' type look for the book I'm ... hopefully finishing soon called The Big Journey.
[At the moment, I've hit a bit of writer's block....]

Turning to the weather aspect.  What else is there to say but that it is typical winter weather.  Harsh winds, blowing snow, and cold temps.  I took this shot through the windshield on my way home from town yesterday with my pocket camera.

Yesterday's snow fall is now whipping around like crazy the sun is shining brightly.
The sun should not deceive us though.  The ambient temp is still below zero.

Hurrah for the over the glasses goggles [nearly typed google!] and face masks that make our lives a bit easier.

After chores are muddled through, I am hoping to take a walk to the ridge to capture some of the wonderful lines or formations that the blowing snow creates.

If it proves to be a bit too brutal I'll come back and work either on the book or some graphic art composites.

I have a few edits I'd like to make on some shots I took the other night for Ariel and our My Little Pony escapades.

I also have some skulls that need another layer of paint and perhaps I can take some artistic photos of them for still life.

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