Monday, December 15, 2014

Get Crackin'

I've been putting it off and it looks like this is the week to start getting things done.
I have my Christmas 'shopping' to do and I've been really lazy this year.

Hubby has expressed an interest in the brand new Mercedes Benz.  I'm thinking I should just run out and get one for him and stick it next to the Christmas Chair.

I wonder if they still make MatchBox cars?

I saw an ad while watching a program on Hulu for a little blue card that said I should get it so I could 'see the world'.
Yep, that is what I want!

Dang, someone would have to pay for it though right?

Christmas ads are really something.  Since I don't have normal TV and live stream some programs, most of the time we avoid the commercialism of the season.

I pretty much have most of what I want and need.  I got to visit with family this past week and that is a gift that goes beyond any surprise that can be left under a tree.

However I would like the weather to change just a wee bit and it looks like I'll get that wish sometime tonight.

It has been dreary and foggy for 4 days!

The dreary part is going to stay and become rain.  Later rain/sleet/snow-ish mixtures.

That means I'll be confined to the house ... 
so I guess I'd better get working on the calendars for those who wanted them!

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Lori Skoog said...

We are not big on the "overkill" that comes with Christmas (which starts 2 months too early). Our weather is not that different from yours. The snow should be gone by tonight and we are expecting rain too. Don't like all the mud.