Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Below Zero

How cold is it?
Sort of cold, like -1 degree sort of cold.

So what should I do on a cold day like today?

Why, go for a hike of course!

One of the things I miss about really out film cameras is that one didn't have to worry much about how long the battery will last in sub freezing temps.

So today I went for a hike.  It was just supposed to be a short hike.
But I got sidetracked once I saw how the frost had formed on the grasses next to the creek.

With no snow at all, it was easy to see it!

And further down the creek the ice formations were incredible....

I forgot a few things that would have made my trip more enjoyable.
A face mask or at least a scarf for when I was walking into the wind.

Hand warmers for re-warming my hands after taking the gloves off and taking photos of My Little Ponies at the Big Spring with all the frost around.

I had to stand for a while with my hands shoved under my belt line.

But I got some pony shots for my Grand daughter Ariel to see.

Uh...yeah, I was taking My Little Pony figures and placing them in what I thought might be fun places for the toys to explore!

Tonight it is supposed to be well below zero and very cold tomorrow morning.
Wind chills are supposed to be quite cold.

Looks like I'll be getting out the over the glasses goggles out along with the face mask.

And...if I hike tomorrow, I won't forget the hand warmers!

Hand warmers in your camera bag can help keep your camera operating longer in colder weather.  They are also handy for de-freezing fingers!

I also carry ziplock bags and put my DSLR into the bag and seal it.  Then put it in the padded camera bag and close that up 
coming indoors.

I allow the camera and the bag to come to room temperature before unzipping the camera.  

After all, it would be a shame to miss some of the great shots that can be had near water when it is so cold!

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