Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Little Beautiful Things

With the rains we've had and the humidity 'little' things have begun to emerge in the woodland.

These little beauties are not easy to spot unless you are truly looking for them.

I found these fungi perched on a mossy log with a 'cute' little slug just posing!

Yesterday was the first time in about a week that I have been able to take a hike, although it was a short one before going on shift.

I was happy with the things I discovered and plan to go again today and use my 'day' off to explore the northern hillsides for more incredible fungi and flora.

I was so happy to find some Great Blue Lobelia in our forest, they have such a wonderful blue color:

But the fungi was the most fun, I found small umbrella like ones and these other white strange looking ones!

and then there was my photography assistant...Morris.

He is such a help you know.
He makes sure all things are checked out and if something seems out of place he will stand behind me and let me protect him.

He's 'the man'.

Kudos Morris!

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Christina said...

Great shots, you have really cool mushrooms up your way. Good to see Morris out enjoying himself! Hope you have much success exploring on your day off. :)