Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Let's ride

Sunday afternoon was perfect for taking a jaunt through the woods.

The weather was still mild and overcast.  Rains were predicted for Monday and then it was supposed to get hot and humid [which it has!].

I asked hubby if he'd go for a jaunt with me.

We of course took up the two Bay mules.

Little Fred, 14.2" Siera.

And off we went.

The following video is not the best quality.  In order to upload a 2 minute video of great quality, it takes an hour or so with our internet speed...so....

Siera leads through the woods:

And then we go along a mowed trail.

This is part of a snowmobile trail in the winter.  The woods we are riding in are so thick and overgrown now that there are no cattle on the land.  I have to maintain my own few riding trails that I do have by using nippers to cut stuff back.

In the back valley we found some cool looking fungi!  
Siera was patient and let me take some photos.

But of course she had to give me her own thoughts on it...

As in..."Hmmmm, can I just graze on some of these leaves? OH see the thorns! Yum, leaves!"

Poor mule, you'd swear she has never been fed!

And as we headed home we saw our neighbor baling straw before the predicted rains were to come in on Monday.

Did I mention yet how much I LOVE riding?

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