Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Welcome to our farming update

Well sort of, we are a very small farm, more a hobby farm than anything else.

I haven't said much about the farm lately as March was the month of melts, snows, sleet, rain, melt, and the beginning of our mud season.

Our Dexters look great, seems the cold didn't effect them at all.

They spend their days chewing their cud and looking rather unconcerned about the rest of the world.

If Black Bart did his 'job' right away we'll expect calves from at least Valerie and maybe Annie in April.

Black Bart from Plum Creek Little Cattle Company:

He is quite the handsome fellow.

The girls are laying around and soaking up the sun.
I must say that Dexter meat raised on grass and good hay is something very divine.

I promised my husband that if we ran out of meat before the next time we fill the freezer, that I would NOT buy anything from the grocery store.

Sorry, once spoiled by having your own meat, you cannot simply bare to eat grocery store chain meat.

We finally got those trees off from the garage.  What a job.  Now the de-construction of the destroyed garage can begin.

I'm not looking forward to it.  I'd rather have a huge dumpster and just start chucking things.

The mules and donkeys are beginning to shed their coats.   
Opal is ready to go back outside.  She looks great with the weight gain she had this winter.  Her coat is lustrous and shiny.
Not bad for a 29-32 yr old mule!

The woods are still very slippery so riding down the deer trails is still not quite an option.

But if you look carefully in the woods you will find ferns that are still green. They obviously survived the winter under the deep snow pack.

The other day I went out armed with a set of nippers and a small camp saw to trim up my walking/hiking/riding trail.  It is an endless job to fight back the briers and prickly stuff.
I maintain it so that I am not ripped apart while riding or hiking as the season progresses.

Of course, Morris was along to help.

There is still snow in areas and ice on some of the north hillside deer trails.
But I am looking forward to spring now and all of the surprises that it will bring in the woods...

and the surprises that the Dexters will bring!

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The Dancing Donkey said...

They do look content. Those dexters are nice cattle.

I don't envy the garage job, what a mess. I hope you didn't lose too much when the trees came down.