Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Oak Leaves and Spring

March is the month of changes.  Winter still hangs on yet it keeps teasing us with hopes of Spring.

We get warm sunny days followed by cold frigid nights.  It is the way of March, yet it seems to surprise us each time it occurs.

The yard and the pastures alternate between sucking mud and frozen rough ground.  The mud and muck literally try to suck the chore boots right off your feet.

Then true to March's nature a warm day comes followed by ferocious winds that bring cold, snow and sleet.
A reminder that winter doesn't really want to loose its grip on the land quite yet.

There is snow still in the steep north facing hillsides and ravines.  But the robins have appeared singing their merry morning songs as if they know better than us.

Daylight hangs on just a bit more each day.

Yet the Oak leaves are still clinging to their branches in areas where they have been protected from our fierce winds.
They await spring buds to push them off.

April is here with predictions of thunderstorms and sleet for this first week.

I'm going to see when the oak leaves fall.
Then the oak buds are here...

and so is Spring.


Lori Skoog said...

Keep us posted. Maybe we can expect spring this year too!

Val Ewing said...

Boy I can't wait for Spring now!

The Dancing Donkey said...

I love this shot and I so love that Spring seems to be alive after all!