Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Gotta love that Equine Hair!

If you are an equine lover you know that spring brings out a special event that we all love.

Shedding season.  The time of year where you curry and curry and brush and brush and donkey/mule hair flies into your face and leaves you coated with it.

You must like spitting it out and trying in vain to brush it off your clothes, the more you try and get rid of it, the harder it sticks to you.

You resign yourself to wearing it.

I took out Nikki the little donkey, she really didn't want to leave her buddies.  But she did well and let me clean her up nicely.
Then Emma [a donkey] decided she was next.  She is a pretty cream colored donkey and we went up the driveway for some halter lessons.  
She did very nicely.

Then there is Princess.  We bought her about 10 years ago.  Her first breeding resulted in twins -- we should have had her checked!  But twins are pretty rare.  Both twins died during birth and we nearly lost Princess.
That night I slept with her in the yard and laid next to her with my arms around her neck so I could feel her breath.

I was supposed to get her up and make sure she ate and drank.  By morning, you would have never known she had any problems, she wanted back in with her herd.

She is an extremely classy donkey, and we have a pretty special bond.  I've been thinking about starting to ride her now for a couple of years.
I think this spring is the time to do it.

I just have a feeling that it would work out well for the both of us.

After all, I ... don't know, she seems pretty spooky and all.

I mean she looks more embarrassed than spooked.

On I went to Opal, Fred, Dinah, and Siera.  All seemed to enjoy their first really good currying of the spring.

I enjoyed spitting out hair and watching it float in the air.

Gotta love that Equine Hair...it means shedding season is upon us, it also means spring!


The Dancing Donkey said...

Yup, gotta love the hair!

Princess looks like a lovely soul. It's nice to get to meet some of the donkeys. I hope you do start riding her and tell us all about it.

Willow said...

Loving your blog !
Ah yes the shedding of equines , it seems this month our little mares have shed at least several of themselves in fur already ! and still about several more of themselves yet to go .