Thursday, June 13, 2013

SHE is up To Something ~ by Morris

All the signs are there.  SHE laid out a backpack that holds all of her camera kind of things on the spare bed.
HER little suitcase thing that she put clothes in is next to it.

SHE has been bustling around the house like a ninny getting this and that done.  Whatever This and That Are!

SHE pats me on my worried little head and tells me that things will be just fine.  Well, they are NOT just fine.
I want to go with HER.  If SHE goes somewhere, I should go too.
I mean, would you want to stay home with the grumpy guy?

Grumpy Guy isn't all that bad.  We sort of ignore each other unless it is time for me to eat and then I nag him.
I miss HER when SHE is gone.  I really really do.  SHE always puts out a sweatshirt of hers for me to cuddle with if SHE is going to work.  SHE makes sure that I am comfortable on my side of the love seat and that I have my pillow and a sweatshirt to snuggle with before she goes to bed.

Grumpy says I'm spoiled.  I say I am not.
I just am an aging Jack Russell who has figured out how to work the system.
Grumpy does say that I'm a good little fella once in a while.  That's because I like the Grandkids.  Little people are my specialty.

So I put a Hedgehog and a Squeaky Frog in HER case.  SHE ignored it.
SHE washed the Jeep.  
I'm getting worried.
I wonder what SHE is up to, and does it include me?

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The Three Muleteers said...

Oh Morris, hope SHE takes you with her.... lots of pleading looks, nudges and whimpers might just persuade her!