Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Summer Vacation by Teslin

My summer vacation began with a very very long car ride.
My mom and dad human people went on a trip to someplace called Hawaii.

I'm getting to spend time with my pal Morris.

Grandma took us for a walk.  It was cool.  I followed Morris and then went running off by myself.  I leaped through the barbed wire fence thing and ran into the woods.
There was something in the woods that was growling and bellering.  Grandma yelled my name and made me come back.
She assured me that the squirrels were not in THOSE woods.  But a very upset momma cow and a very big bull.

I didn't want to come back but she yelled and yelled.
So we went down into the creek and got all wet and muddy.  Morris showed me all the good spots to play.  I ran and ran and ran.  Then I was sure I heard those nasty squirrels and chipmunks in the trees, so I ran and tried to climb every tree!

There are so many trees in the Grandma Woods!

So many squirrels and chipmunks!  So little time!

Then much later we headed towards home.
Grandma said we had to walk on the 'other' side of the fence and leave the donkeys alone.
Morris told me the Donkeys were Dog Eating Dragons...
So I barked at them and yelled for them to stay on their side of the fence....or else...or else...
well, I dunno.
They listened though.

Then, we were just about home and Grandma decided that she needed to check the water tanks for something called Dexters.

I dunno what the Dexter thingy is, but it wasn't as scary as those big huge floppy eared donkey monsters.

I just sat politely and looked at them.

I would have barked at them if they look like they would threaten Grandma.
But they didn't.  They just chewed and looked at me.  
Though they did have impressive things Grandma told me...they were horns.

Our day ended with me sleeping on Grandma's lap and cuddling up nice.
Grandma didn't let me sleep with her on the bed though.
I'm going to tell my human dad.

Tomorrow we are taking a sunset walk.  Whatever that means.
Grandma keeps leaving in the middle of the night to go do things.  
Tonight she took MY favorite car to ride in.
The Jeep.
She says she'll be back tomorrow afternoon.


StephanieCalhounPhotography said...

Very cute story Val. Lucky dog to spend vacation with you.

The Three Muleteers said...

So much fun! Teslin you did the right thing to stay away from the dog eating dragon donkeys (who look adorable by the way), they is scary! Listen to wise dog Morris and you'll be fine, enjoy your vacation!

Val said...

Thanks! Lots of fun with Teslin the dog!