Sunday, April 10, 2011

Herd Mentality & Storm Fronts

Dinah the Appy Mule and Strider. Sunshine [in front] and Dinah [alongside] [Below the storm cell building at the same time as the herd 'chase'.]

The winds howled, the trees bent and did the hula dance.

The National Weather Service had our area under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning along with a Tornado Watch.

We did not get the rain.
We however did get the high winds.

Both times that huge storm cells built up near our home, the horses began to run and chase the mules.
A free-for-all ensued and mules and horses alike ran like the winds that were blowing.

When the front, or perhaps the storm cell passed, they returned to standing out of the wind or grazing contently.

Darkness fell.

The winds have not subsided.

The herd has moved down to shelter in the woods, in a 'pocket' where the winds are not so bad.

I did the evening chores as the light faded and watched the storm cell turn orange with lightening flickering across its strangely shaped 'mushroom' cloud top.

Someone else was getting it.

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gtyyup said...

Awesome photos of the clouds...that was quite a day for you all! Glad you're safe~